Connect with STEM Professionals

For the STEM Week Challenge, students had multiple opportunities to connect what they learned to the real world, access STEM expertise, and present their work to professionals working in STEM fields.


Why connecting to professionals is meaningful for students:

  • Collaborate to tackle real-world STEM challenges around “Zero Waste”
  • Receive advice and feedback from industry experts
  • Explore STEM careers
  • Get excited and motivated by competition and conversations with industry professionals

Ask an expert for help:

Students were able to seek expertise from professionals while working on the Challenge


During the month of October, leading up to and during STEM Week (Oct. 21-25), students had the opportunity to learn directly from professionals working in STEM fields through our online expert portal.

Receive real world feedback:

Winning student projects are being chosen by STEM professionals

Teachers were able to take advantage of the project rubrics provided as part of the curriculum to reflect on how students solved the Challenge in their classrooms. Then, top projects were submitted for review by experts using a simple online form.

Winners to be announced over the coming weeks.

Present solutions to professionals:

Students engaged with and received feedback from STEM professionals at the 10/25 showcase

Students presented their work to leaders and industry professionals in Boston, gaining a sense of pride for making authentic contributions to STEM fields.

  • Location: Reggie Lewis Center in Boston
  • Date: Friday, October 25th

Real Life STEM Applications

Here are some examples of how STEM is being applied in the real world by some of the leading brands.

Dell Continues to Close the Loop on E-waste
“We’ve made a really good run at making electronics recycling convenient and easy, but there is an opportunity for the entire IT industry.” — Dell’s Scott O’Connell Learn more
Professor Mike Timko: Waste Should Be Viewed as a Resource
Dr. Prisca M. Henheik, Editor of Advanced Sustainable Systems, talked with Professor Mike Timko, Chemical Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Worcester Massachusetts, about his research and vision of a world without waste. Learn more
Get Rid of It Right: Cambridge’s Zero Waste Game
Learn about City of Cambridge’s waste diversion programs in a fun way with our brand new Get Rid of It Right waste sorting game. Sort materials correctly and win fun items to build your own digital park! Learn more
UML Recognized for Waste Reduction Efforts
U.S. Rep Lori Trahan tours the university’s Urban Agriculture Greenhouse with Director of Sustainability Ruairi O’Mahony. The Urban Agriculture Program was recently highlighted in AASHE’s 2019 Sustainable Campus Index. Learn more