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Solving real-world problems with TD Garden, MassDEP, and Dell Technologies

During STEM week, Oct. 21-25, we celebrated the innovative work happening in classrooms across Massachusetts. Project Lead The Way and Mass STEM Hub teamed up with the State to provide an engaging, meaningful STEM Week opportunity open to all K-12 schools that allowed students to apply their STEM skills in tackling real-world problems communities and companies face. The STEM Week Challenge – centered on the theme of “Zero Waste” – gave Massachusetts students the opportunity to tackle real-world sustainability problems that organizations such as TD Garden, MassDEP, and Dell Technologies face today. For example:

Grades K-2: Food Waste
Exploring food waste, considering the resources required to bring food to your table, understanding how food waste is managed, and developing a prototype to extend usability of food resources.
Grades 3-5: Energy Waste
Exploring energy usage, understanding the implications of using nonrenewable resources, learning about novel energy solutions, and designing a solar-powered device to fulfill a need.
Grades 6-8: Plastic Waste
Understanding the trade-offs related to increases in use of plastics, the impact of microplastics on the environment, animals, and our bodies and proposing solutions to shift from a linear product life cycle toward a circular and sustainable life cycle.
Grades 9-12: E-Waste
Understanding the scope of electronics usage in our daily lives, exploring electronic waste and ecotoxicology, and practicing systems thinking to consider how we can promote a more sustainable product life cycle
Register today! Registration is open through September 18th. Questions? Contact stemweek@mass-stemhub.org.